Church History

First Assembly of God Mountain View – Church History

In 1926, Rev. Paul Jones came to Stone County, Arkansas, preaching a new doctrine and philosophy of the Christian faith at a revival at the area known as the Swinging Bridge. This began the introduction of Pentecost in our area.

In 1934, Rev. D.V. Robinson, then pastor at Big Flat Assembly of God Church, conducted an extended revival at the Levisy Flat schoolhouse, with many receiving salvation and desiring a new church in the community just north of Mountain View.

In November 1934, the Levisy Flat Assembly of God Church was organized, becoming an affiliated church with the General Council of the Assemblies of God in Springfield, MO, on August 17, 1937. It moved out of the school and into its first building, also in 1937.

Due to increased growth and insufficient space for the growing congregation at the time, Rev. Jack Nichols helped the church to buy 5 acres in Mountain View on North Bayou Drive. Upon approval of plans for the 13,000 sq. ft. structure, the church began construction in the winter of 1980, with much of the labor being done by local volunteers. The dome-shaped church was completed in 1981, necessitating the name change to Mountain View First Assembly of God Church, and being the only dome-shaped church around was nicknamed in the community “The Dome Church”, which continues to this day.

The alumni of pastors for Mountain View First Assembly of God include:
M. Jenkins
Brace Moffitt
A. Mitchell
Oris Vincent
Hugh May
Howard Dixon
Neal Rogers
G. Stewart
Elmo C. Jones
E. Carlisle
Jesse Fowler
Guy Jones
Raymond Clark
S. Campbell
Norman Ward
D. McGrew
A. Sublett
Harold Caldwell
H. Griffin
C. Ellis
Jackie V. Nichols
Kenneth Riley
Larry Shipman
Jerry Meadows
Lee Clark
Don Nye
Ken Chipman
Bill Piker
L. Haston
Bobby Ragan
Mike Sullivan
Chester E. Passmore Jr. (Currrent Senior Pastor)

(If anyone would happen to have additional information of our church’s history or even old photos, we would gladly welcome it! Please contact our church office so that we can add more love to our family history!)